[Vidéo] Free 5G : Network and radio security for cellular systems

21 November 2023 • industry of the future - Uncategorized

The Free 5G platform is located at the Télécom Paris school near Paris. The aim of the platform is to design, develop and evaluate new network functionalities in a software-defined radio environment.

Three areas of research are being studied: resource allocation and placement algorithms to support virtualised network functions (cellular IoT: NB-IoT, 5G IoT, ISM band IoT: Lora, 802.15. 4/6LoPAN, WiFi), automatic network planning (robustness, dynamic neighbourhood construction and interference management) and radio security for cellular systems (development at sensor/terminal level via SDR => software terminal (user plane and control plane layers), selective jamming, redirection, DoS).

The platform, housed in the same room, has a full range of hardware: Faraday cage (2G/3G/4G/5G network), FIT room (802.15.4 sensors, Lora, WIFI 6), Ettus/National SDR boxes, instruments (N210; B310: X310), Openstack servers, docker, Kubernetes, amarisoft/srsLTE, NextEPC packet core, CISCO packet core.

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