OSA-O-RAN agreement: for more open radio access networks

The O-RAN ALLIANCE and OpenAirInterface, a platform with Carnot TSN accreditation, have recently signed an agreement to bring them together.

PMEs, ETIs, start-ups, major groups… how can you work with the Carnot TSN institute?

How can you work with the first Carnot in digital sciences in France? How can you accelerate your digital transformation (identifying needs, R&D, creating technology, training in its use, etc.)? Watch a video presentation of Carnot Télécom & Société numérique.

Carnot TSN congratulates Ghaya Rekaya (Télécom Paris), researcher and founder of MIMOPT Technology, on winning the Séminaire PI 2023 prize!

Professor and researcher at Télécom Paris, Ghaya Rekaya founded MIMOPT Technology in April 2021, a start-up that develops and licenses innovative digital signal processing solutions for fibre optic communications. The entrepreneur received an award for her work at the Propriété Industrielle 2023 seminar on 23 November.

MiMédi: democratising advanced therapy drugs

Innovative medicines offer hope to many patients suffering from cancer or autoimmune diseases. Unfortunately, their colossal production costs are a major obstacle to their use. The MiMédi project, supported by the Femto Engineering school, part of the Carnot TSN institute, aims to rationalise their manufacture, in order to make them more accessible.

[Vidéo] Free 5G : Network and radio security for cellular systems

The Free 5G platform is located at the Télécom Paris school near Paris. The aim of the platform is to design, develop and evaluate new network functionalities in a software-defined radio environment.

A look back at Rendez-vous Carnot 2023 !

The Rendez-vous Carnot 2023 took place in Lyon on 18 and 19 October. It was an opportunity for companies of all sizes and from all fields of activity to meet the major players in R&D to accelerate and bring to fruition their innovation projects.

A Digital Intelligence Observatory for Michelin Group

For several years now, Michelin has encouraged its teams to adopt new digital tools. Yet this gradual transition – accelerated by the health crisis – raises many issues, due in particular to the diversity of the group’s professions. A CIFRE thesis has therefore been launched to address this issue, with the objective of implementing a digital intelligence observatory.

The Carnot Télécom & Société numérique institute publishes its annual report 2022-2023 !

Under the banner of the digital transformation of industry, the Carnot Télécom & Société numérique's 2022-2023 activity report looks back on a year of commitments and strategic projects in support of business innovation and economic development.

FLORIA: Detecting Floods in Urban Areas Using Satellite Imagery and AI

When a flood occurs, every minute counts. To help emergency services respond quickly, the ICube-SERTIT platform has launched the FLORIA project with support from TSN Carnot Institute to detect excess water in urban areas by analyzing satellite images using deep learning techniques.

The ICube laboratory celebrates 10 years

TSN Carnot Institute attended the 10-year anniversary celebration of the ICube laboratory at Télécom Physique Strasbourg, providing an opportunity for researchers and external partners to share their impressions of these first 10 years. The event also featured stories from alumni who are now based all over the world, at both universities and companies.