Détails de l'événement

Cet évènement se déroulera en anglais. Pour en savoir plus sur la plateforme OpenAirInterface en français, lire notre article dédié : OpenAirInterface : une plateforme ouverte pour établir la 5G de demain.

ETSI and the OpenAirInterface Software Alliance (OSA) in association with EURECOM are pleased to announce this Joint ETSI – OSA Event on Open Implementations and Standardization. Preceded by a one day tutorial on 11th December, the Joint ETSI – OSA Workshop: Open Implementations and Standardization will take place on 12-13 December 2018 at ETSI premises in Sophia Antipolis, France. The workshop will bring the 5G standardization and implementation communities together to reflect on the role of open implementations such as OpenAirInterface in support of the development of standards. The event comes at a time when collaborative and open initiatives for wireless 5G are influencing how state of the art wireless networks can be designed and implemented. This in turn is impacting the work of standards groups.

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