Our success stories in joint research

Military vehicles are getting a new look for improved camouflage

How can military vehicles be made more discreet on the ground?…
7 February 2020/by Carnot TSN

Do mobile apps for kids respect privacy rights?

The number of mobile applications for children is rapidly increasing.…
7 February 2020/by Carnot TSN

iXblue: Extreme Fiber Optics

Since 2006, iXblue, a French company based in Lannion, and the…
7 February 2020/by Carnot TSN

User immersion, between 360° video and virtual reality

To better understand how users interact in immersive environments,…
24 January 2019/by Carnot TSN

BioDigital, a new technology to combat identity spoofing

Following an 18-month collaboration agreement, Télécom SudParis…
18 January 2019/by Carnot TSN
Alexander Pelov, founder of Acklio.

Acklio: linking connected objects to the internet

With the phenomenal growth connected objects are experiencing,…
3 December 2018/by Carnot TSN

H2sys: hydrogen in the energy mix

H2sys is helping make hydrogen an energy of the future. This…
28 June 2018/by Carnot TSN
Within the pixels of this X-ray, it is possible to hide information about the person whose hand is pictured. This is the principle behind watermarking.

Watermarking: a step closer to secure health data

In the near future, watermarking data could be the best traceability…
24 April 2018/by Carnot TSN

Is anonymized data of any value?

Anonymization is still sometimes criticized as a practice that…
20 April 2018/by Carnot TSN
Data-Moove offers solutions for aggregating a region’s tourism offer, as it has for Saint Barthélemy. Photo: Comité territorial de tourisme de Saint-Barthélemy

Seamless vacations thanks to a research lab

For four years now, researchers from EURECOM and the startup…
15 March 2018/by Carnot TSN
Crédit : Scott Van Daalen

Facial morphology analysis algorithms for choosing glasses

Everyone who wears glasses knows: finding the best pair for your…
30 January 2018/by Carnot TSN

Developing data science for cultural institutions

Télécom SudParis and Télécom ParisTech are taking part in…
12 October 2017/by Carnot TSN

Scalinx: Electronics, from one world to another

The product of research carried out by its founder, Hussein Fakhoury,…
31 January 2017/by Carnot TSN

Littlethumb: Indoor Geolocation

As a major sector of the digital industry, mobility is a coveted…
10 November 2016/by Carnot TSN

The French National Library is combining sociology and big data to learn about its online users

As a repository of French culture, the Bibliothèque Nationale…
3 November 2016/by Carnot TSN

Teralab and la poste have teamed up to fight package fraud

As a testament to how valuable data is becoming for companies,…
5 July 2016/by Carnot TSN

Talk to pay protects our payments through voice biometrics

Our fingerprints, irises, faces and voices are all features that…
19 January 2016/by Carnot TSN