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H2sys: hydrogen in the energy mix

H2sys is helping make hydrogen an energy of the future. This spin-off company from the FCLAB and Femto-ST laboratories in Franche-Comté offers efficient solutions for integrating hydrogen fuel cells. Some examples of these applications include generators and low-carbon urban mobility. And while the company was officially launched only 6 months ago, its history is closely […]

OMNI: transferring social sciences and humanities to the digital society

Technology transfer also exists in social sciences and the humanities! The OMNI platform in Brittany proves this by placing its research activities at the service of organizations. Attached to the Breton scientific interest group called M@rsouin (which IMT Atlantique manages), it brings together researchers and professionals to study the impact of digital technology on society. […]

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Watermarking: a step closer to secure health data

In the near future, watermarking data could be the best traceability technique in the healthcare domain. It involves hidding information into medical images with the aim at reinforcing data security for patients and healthcare professionals. After being developed for nearly ten years in the laboratories of IMT Atlantique and Medecom, watermarking has now reached a […]

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Is anonymized data of any value?

Anonymization is still sometimes criticized as a practice that supposedly makes data worthless, as it deletes important information. The CNIL decided to prove the contrary through the Cabanon project conducted in 2017. It received assistance from the IMT big data platform, TeraLab, for anonymizing the data of New York taxis and showing the possibility of […]

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Seamless vacations thanks to a research lab

For four years now, researchers from EURECOM and the startup Data-Moove have worked together to radically improve the tourist experience in various regions. With help from technological innovations from laboratories, they have succeeded in aggregating the information available on the web and social networks to create a local and comprehensive picture of what a geographical […]

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Facial morphology analysis algorithms for choosing glasses

Everyone who wears glasses knows: finding the best pair for your face can be a daunting task… The VESPA project, led by researchers at IMT Lille Douai and hosted by the Teralab platform, is working with Cape Trylive to develop machine learning algorithms that can determine users’ facial characteristics during virtual online fittings and recommend […]

Cybersecurity platform: scaling up

With the help of small-scale models, Télécom SudParis‘s cybersecurity platform observes the consequences, both computer-related and material, of a cyber-attack on a physical system. Researchers thereby seek to better understand and appreciate these threats in order to improve critical infrastructure protection. The platform’s next challenge is to carry out these tests on a life-size scale, […]

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Developing data science for cultural institutions

Télécom SudParis and Télécom ParisTech are taking part in Data&Musée, a collaborative project led by Orpheo, launched on September 27, 2017. The project’s aim is to provide a single, open platform for data from cultural institutions in order to develop analysis and forecasting tools to guide them in developing strategies and expanding their activities.   Data […]

Arago, technology platform in optics for the industrial sector

Arago is a technology platform specializing in applied optics, based at IMT Atlantique’s Brest campus. It provides scientific services and a technical environment for manufacturers in the optics and vision sectors. It has unique expertise in the field of liquid crystals, micro-optics and health.   Are you in the industrial sector or a small business […]