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Military vehicles are getting a new look for improved camouflage

How can military vehicles be made more discreet on the ground? This is the question addressed by the Caméléon project of the Directorate General of Armaments (DGA), involving Nexter group and IMT Atlantique in the framework of the Télécom & Société numérique Carnot Institute. Taking inspiration from the famous lizard, researchers are developing a high-tech skin […]

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iXblue: Extreme Fiber Optics

Since 2006, iXblue, a French company based in Lannion, and the Hubert Curien laboratory[1] in Saint-Étienne have partnered to develop cutting-edge fiber optics. This long partnership has established iXblue as a global reference in the use of fiber optics in harsh environments. The scientific and technological advances have enabled the company to offer solutions for […]

TeraLab: data specialists serving companies

TeraLab is a Big Data and artificial intelligence platform that grants companies access to a whole ecosystem of specialists in these fields. The aim is to remove the scientific and technological barriers facing organizations that want to make use of their data. Hosted by IMT, TeraLab is one of the technology platforms proposed by the […]

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User immersion, between 360° video and virtual reality

To better understand how users interact in immersive environments, designers and researchers are comparing the advantages of 360° video and full-immersion virtual reality. This is also the aim of the TroisCentSoixante inter-Carnot project uniting the Télécom & Société Numérique and the M.I.N.E.S. Carnot Institutes. Strate Research, the research department at Strate School of Design which […]

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BioDigital, a new technology to combat identity spoofing

Following an 18-month collaboration agreement, Télécom SudParis (a member of the Télécom & Société Numérique Carnot Institute (TSN) and IDEMIA, the global leader in augmented identity, have finalized the design for a contactless biometric reader, based on a patent filed by two Télécom SudParis researchers. The technology transfer to IDEMIA has just been completed.   […]

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Acklio: linking connected objects to the internet

With the phenomenal growth connected objects are experiencing, networks to support them have become a crucial underlying issue. Networks called “LPWAN” provide long-range communication and energy efficiency, making them perfectly suited to the Internet of Things, and are set to become standards. But first, they must be successfully integrated within traditional internet networks. This is […]

RAMSES: Time keeper for embedded systems

Embedded computing systems are sometimes responsible for performing “critical” functions. In the transport industry, they sometimes prevent collisions between two vehicles. To help design these important systems, Étienne Borde, a researcher at Télécom ParisTech specialized in embedded systems, developed RAMSES. This platform gives developers the tools they need to streamline the design process for these […]